Latent Space Probe for Graphic Design: A Role of AI in Graphic Design as a Co-Creation Partner

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Yuki Kawabe / 川邊悠紀



本研究ではグラフィックデザイナーがVAEを使えるインターフェースLSP(Latent Space Probe)のプロトタイプを開発し、実験を行った。

In this research, we focused on the latent space that AI finds in data, and studied the discoveries incorporated into human creation while he/she explores it.  We also examined how we can expand the explorable space by adding newly created works to the training data.We observed how a designer, Ms. Kanaya, explores and expands the space in her process of designing a logo and interviewed her afterward.

Our project’s Logo that created in an experiment
Logos that generated by VAE
Morphing gif
datasets sample
LSP (Latent Space Probe) : Prototype vae interface for graphic designer